Six states, 1,000 clients served


Access Credit Management began operations in 1989, on a kitchen table. ACMI has grown to become one of the most effective, client-sensitive agencies in medical receivables.  Our success has been built around the realization and understanding that to be effective, our collectors must be effective “salespeople.” Every collector must “sell” the patient on the benefits of paying their bill.  They often must be problem solvers, and in many cases must help the patient to find a way to resolve the debt.  We have found that to be successful, the collector must utilize non-alienating communication techniques to achieve payment, because if the collection process makes an enemy of your patient, payment is much less likely to be secured. Since inception, our agency has focused on reducing our clients’ overall receivable management costs, accelerating our clients’ cash flow, and reducing our clients’ days outstanding, by achieving the highest possible recovery rates on their collection accounts, and creating customized programs designed to meet each client’s specific needs, without alienating slow paying patients.




ACMI was founded in 1989 by Ed Vance and Kay Oxford, in Little Rock, Arkansas. The company currently serves 1,000 clients in six states.  Our growth has been a direct result of our concentration on client service, while remaining on the cutting edge of new technology and collection software development.  This growth is also the result of an extremely low employee turnover rate.  By giving our personnel the support they need to achieve performance goals, they can capitalize on lucrative incentive programs.  This translates to pride in their work and accomplishments, increased income, and a high level of job satisfaction.  The resulting low turnover rate means that your accounts are worked by experienced collectors, not an endless series of new trainees.  Consistency and performance go hand in hand, and our clients will tell you that our growth has been due to our service and performance for them, not acquisitions and/or a shotgun sales approach. Our success has been based on our total commitment to this philosophy and approach, which has been built on the following:

  • Understanding our clients’ needs and requirements
  • Ongoing evaluation and training to maintain service levels in keeping with those needs and requirements
  • Controlled growth
  • Low collector to manager ratios
  • Non-alienating collection techniques
  • Strong ongoing collector training and support
  • Ongoing research and development of collection and skip tracing techniques
  • Achieving the highest possible recovery rates in the shortest possible time frame




With our client consultative and collaborative programs, Access Credit Management, Inc. achieves recoveries that are far above the national average.  Our results have given us a reputation for superior service. Edward Vance, ACMI President, serves as follows::

  • Vice Chairman, Arkansas State Board of Collection Agencies.   Appointed by the Governor of Arkansas.
  • Member, North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association.
  • Past President,  American Collectors Association International, Arkansas Chapter.
  • Committee Chair, Arkansas Healthcare Financial Management Association.
  • Member, Medical Group Management Association.

ACMI is  active in the following organizations:

  • Sponsor and Member, Arkansas Healthcare Financial Management Association.
  • Sponsor and Member, Medical Group Management Association.
  • Member, Arkansas Ambulance Association.
  • Silver Certificate (25 years) Member, ACA Internatiional.
  • Member, ACA Arkansas




ACMI is a private collection agency, incorporated in the State of      Arkansas.  Its senior management is:

  • Ed Vance:             President/CEO
  • Kay Oxford:          Vice-President/CFO
  • Carl Spring:          Vice-President Administration




ACMI partners with The InterProse Corporation in using their state of the art WEBAR platform for our accounts receivable management system. This robust system provides the most advanced technologies and efficient techniques. Clients can securely view and update their accounts or download reports in our system in real time. Consumers can securely pay and manage their accounts online, via computer, tablet or mobile device.

ACMI and The InterProse Corporation are committed to the highest quality assurance standards as evidenced by the certifications and full compliance with essential legislation and regulatory standards including:

  • SSAE16 – AICPA’s Service Organization Control Reports Standard
  • SAS70 – Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70
  • TIA-942 – Data Center Standard
  • Tier III – Guaranteeing 99.982% availability
  • PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • FISMA – Federal Information Security Management Act
  • State Data Breach Notification Laws



ACMI  has an average staff tenure of 18 years.  We are owner operated. Our staff and managers are courteous, well trained professionals.