Our suite of services is tailored to your needs.  We are courteous, dedicated, compliant and effective.

Data enhancement and skip tracing solutions

Clients may send accounts to ACMI to verify or obtain location information.  Many businesses find this helpful in the statement and billing cycle.

ACMI onsite

Highly trained collections and accounts receivable management staff insource to the client office to consult and assist in the call process.  Our clients find this service very cost beneficial in lowering staff costs while keeping the revenue cycle moving.

Pre-collection letter services

For a nominal fee, we contact your debtor, advising that you consider the account to be nearing default, and that you wish to resolve the debt in a friendly manner.

Our clients find this area to be a very cost effective way to recover accounts and maintain the customer relationship.

ACMI early out collection services

Clients forward accounts to ACMI while the accounts are younger and closer to origination.  We apply courteous , professional contact to recover the balances at fee rates that are extremely cost beneficial to the client.

ACMI collection services

In this area, ACMI deploys a combination of collector telephone calls, letter campaigns and credit bureau reporting.  Skip tracing and asset location strategies are used as necessary.

We employ advanced algorithms to prioritize accounts.

Our call center utilizes state of the art technology for right party contact.